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ParPoints Golf

With ParPoints, par is par…no matter where you start the hole. Score points based on your starting yardage. So you’ve chosen to start that daunting par 5 from 200 yards away from the center of the green. That means you’ve given yourself a shot at scoring 200 points, or more.

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Par = 2 points. Birdie = 4 points. Eagle = 8 points. Unlike a Stableford or Modified Stableford event where players are simply accruing points, in Quota, players start with a point hurdle of 36 less their handicap. So, a 16 handicap player would start with a quota of 20.

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The objective of the game is to accumulate points each hole based on your score relative to par. In a typical Stableford event, players receive: Bogey = 1 point. Par = 2 points. Birdie = 3 points. Eagle = 4 points.

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Par Point Quota. 18 hole quota = 36 minus 18 hole course handicap; 9 hole quota = 18 minus 9 hole course handicap; Handicaps are adjusted according to USGA Handicap Rule 3.5; Maximum adjusted course handicap is 36. Par Point Scoring. 1 point for a bogey; 2 points for a par; 4 points for a birdie; 6 points for an eagle

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But every golfer begins with a certain amount of points. Start by determining your course handicap. Let's say your course handicap is 10; then 10 is your starting amount of points. You tee off No. 1 with 10 points. If you par the first hole, you earn 2 points, and now you're at 12. And so on.

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If Hole No. 1 has a par of 4, and you score 6, then you are 2-over par (six is two more than four). If Hole No. 2 is a par-5, and you score 4, you are 1-under par. If you make 4 on a hole that is a par-4, you are "even par" or "level par." The same applies to a golfer's total score for the full round of golf.

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For example, if Hole #3 has a Par number of 9 and you took seven strokes to sink your ball, then your Score Based Off the Par would be -2. If your partner took ten strokes on the same hole, then their Score Based Off the Par would be +1. When scoring based off the par, just remember the formula:

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From there, the players in the game -- and it can be multiple groups -- set up a point system that's maintained without handicaps. Let's say 0 points for a bogey or worse, 2 points for a par, 4 ...